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In 2022
students created remarkable

$60,000 earned by  students & $3,000,000 raised by startups

1,012,000+ site visits & 200 videos created by 1 Challenge

build, launch, learn, repeat

Hello, World

Gudwork is built in Austin, TX with a vision to empower students to graduate debt-free and experience-rich.

The Future = Students + Startups

Gudwork's beta connects MBAs and undergrad students with freelance projects at startups. Student create pitch decks, financial models, websites, manage social media, scrape leads and more.

Crowdsource Challenges boost Startups' organic reach

Gudwork launches Challenges, which prompts students to create hundreds of videos to help startups launch on social. Our first two Challenges hosted by Antler & HITMKR generated over 300 videos and hundreds of thousands of views.

Microsoft for Startups &
Fractional CFOs

Gudwork wins a grant and joins Microsoft for Startups' Winter Cohort. We're also building a fractional CFO program for MBAs and startups - coming in 2023!

2023, here we come!

To our community of students and startups - you never cease to impress us and we can't thank you enough.

Special thanks to Antler for believing in us from Day 1 and to Aaron, Danny, Saad, Rayna, Kayln, Neha, Alisher, Siarhei, Cristian, Bash, Gabriel, Mike and Matt for bringing gudwork to life!